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What Parents/Students are Saying about Winpossible!
“We love the service you offer. Our son Jack was behind in Algebra and receiving a C mid marking period. After using your site he brought his grade back up to A. I've spread the word among friends..”
John L.
“Not having been the greatest math student in my time… I have also sat through some of the Algebra lectures with my son, Jason. I totally get the concepts finally and if Jason’s grades are any indication, so is he. Cheers!”
Caroline and Bob A.
“Even as a parent who has done well at college math courses, I would sometimes find myself out of sorts while trying to explain geometry and trigonometry to my 15-year old homeschooling son. Google guided me to your geometry pages a few weeks ago and the amazing video on calculating areas convinced me that it is worth signing up. Do you also offer Physics and Chemistry courses as well? I am sure homeschoolers will really appreciate it. Thanks Winpossible!”
Sandy van Goren
“Our twins, Tim and Jim are in their junior year. They signed up last year for Algebra-I and Algebra-II after hearing about Winpossible from a friend of theirs at school. Both Bob and I were skeptical about the effectiveness of an online program but they were insistent on signing-up because they friend’s grades had improved after two months with Winpossible. And I can say this… for once, I am glad that we gave in. Tim’s math grades have consistently improved from B- to A’s and Jim’s from C‘s to B+’.s. It will be great if you can start offering Chemistry courses as well.”
Ashlee G.
Fort Yukon
“My husband is the one who can teach the kids math but due to his busy travel schedule, we decided to use your site. As a trial, we signed up for Algebra I initially. Jay has found the lectures very useful and I am glad that I can track his progress. Will sign-up for Algebra-II after school reopens.”
Rajni V.
Colorado City
“I have always struggled with Geometry in school. I had to take a remedial in Ohlone and signed up for Winpossible Geometry (my friends Alexa and Connie had highly recommended it). Now I can see why. Could you please add live tutoring help on your site… sometimes I have questions and I need to talk to someone. Other than that, your site is perfect.”
Winpossible Support: We have added support for FREE homework help after hearing from Rob and several other users.
“Just wanted to say thanks as I am signing up Pam for a Trig course. I had tried more than 5 tutors in the last 2 years for my 14-year old (who is enrolled for Geometry course) and am I glad that, one Wednesday after the umpteenth showdown between us due to her way-below average math grades, I found Winpossible. No more tutor required for Pam!”
“We decided to homeschool our son a few years ago. My son is reasonably good at math but I wanted to make sure that he really understands problem-solving. I had tried several other math sites but somehow they didn’t really work that well. With Winpossible, he seems to have finally made a leap… he really likes your ChalkTalk thingie. It works for him and that works for me:)”
Penny G.
“Another homeschooling parent recommended your courses to us quite a while back. My 15-year old is definitely an advanced student and I decided to try Winpossible to get her started on working through more complex problems. It has sure worked wonders. Within a few months, she is almost ready for College Algebra. Do you offer any college-level courses as well?”
Lisa Willet
“We live in London… yes that tiny city in that quaint country across the pond. We were skeptical of signing up our son for what seemed to be a program designed for math instruction in American schools but it has really worked wonders for him. Jolly good work folks!”
Margaret E.
“I didn’t want to signup for expensive math tutoring for my son. I knew he needed to just sit down and get a little bit of assistance with some math topics. Your courses have clearly helped with that and more. Thanks! I have told some of my friends to think about using your site as an alternative to the expensive tutoring clubs”
Michael A.
La Belle
“Hey Winpossible folks… where have you been all along when we needed you for our two brats? They are smart but need the right kind of coaching. I would never have believed that an online course would work for them. And I have never been wrong before ;). Thanks guys.”
Stephen Gunderson
“Thanks for a great, interactive course with comprehensive coverage of high-school math topics. My son has really benefited from it.”
Christine L.
“Chalktalk… oh, what a delightful concept? It looks so easy and makes learning so easy. I am surprised no one else has thought about it. Your instructors rock! And so does the team answering homework questions throughout the day!”
Nancy L
Big Timber
“Just wanted to drop you a thank-you note. I have been seeing a consistent improvement in Lizzie’s grades after she has started using your lectures and exercises. She told me about the homework help feature you added and she is very excited about it.”
“Thanks folks for designing wonderful high-quality courses. My son, Christopher, has really benefited from them. He also makes very good use of the unlimited homework help (as you probably well know:))… what an amazing service at such an unbelievable price. This Internet is actually good for something!”
Alessandro H.
“Thanks to the Algrebra-I instructor, I am no longer at the bottom of my class in math. I am actually about the median. I am signing up for Algebra-II and Geometry now. Do you have a discount for returning students?”
David G.
“I overheard a few moms at soccer practice talking about your site and checked it our right away on my iPhone. Enrolling my 15-year old in your Algebra course has worked out very well for her. Thanks to your instructors and the quizzes, her confidence in dealing with math has really gone up.”
Jersey City
I am a 7th grade student and I was working on some graphing homework. I had to rearrange a formula into the y=mx+b format. I was confused so I went to the web to find the answer. I found your video on the topic. I watched it and it really made the concept clear to me. I was able to do my homework because of your video. It was a very clear and simple way to teach the lesson and it was done very well. Please give my thanks to the person who made the video on this site about how to rearrange formulas into y=mx+b format. Thank you so much.
Zohar Rubinstein
“Hello Winpossible team,
Kudos for creating a program which really helps students with understanding math concepts. I am a math-tutor and my first reaction on hearing about you from one of my students… was skepticism! However I decided to check it out and I was surprised and impressed to see the thought and detail that has gone into each of the lectures, quizzes and supplementary instructional material. I see your courses as a complement to my teaching and have recommended it to several students and parents. Once again, great job! ”
Henry N.
New York City
“I was doing poorly on the SAT math sections. Your courses helped clear several concepts for me and my math scores have gone up by 150 points. Thanks.”
Kendra B.
San Jose
“Keep up the good work! You should have courses for Science as well. My daughter’s grades in math have improved from C’s to B+ and the occasional A-.”
“Could you please distribute your courses on DVD as well? We don’t have internet at home and my son has to go to the public library to view them… he finds them so useful that he actually has started going to the library very regularly.”
“Thanks for demystifying math for my daughter at such an affordable price.”
“Both our children have hugely benefited from the video-lectures and practice questions in your Algebra and Geometry courses. Thanks a lot.”
Evelyn & Larry S
“My son attends the nearby community college. He keeps telling me that how wonderful he has found your lectures… I was not sure whether he will take the time to tell you. So I am doing so. Thanks on his behalf!”
Center City
“I have always believed that understanding the core concepts is a lot more important than simply regurgitating textbook material. You have really worked on making this happen in math. I can see that my daughter is very much at ease with math at school now. Thanks a lot, Winpossible.”
Paulina A.
“Awesome courses, people! Really awesome. I have started acing math exams now. My parents are very pleased.”
“Winpossible has a unique way of teaching math. It actually makes Math look easy!”
Thomas Jhonson
“Now here is the kind of Math teaching we've all been waiting for.”
James Pierce
“Simply unbelievable… such a nice way to learn Math!”
Wiliams Fillmore
“Thanks, Winpossible. This is amazing stuff.”
John Tyler
“Solution to a problem that's been around forever – how to make Math less intimidating.”
Martin Monroe
“My daughter was already doing well in Math… but Winpossible took her to a whole different level…”
Andrew Adams
“Refreshing… simple… no hand waving, just good Math teaching that works.”
Peter Horne
“I don't fear Algebra any more!”
Martin Harrison
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